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Human Rights Policy

Since its inception in February 2000, JLS has committed to fundamentally respect the dignity of all people and communities.  We are committed to respecting all human rights, as articulated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, the InternationalCovenant onEconomic,SocialandCulturalRights,and theInternationalLaborOrganization’s(ILO) DeclarationonFundamentalPrinciplesand Rights at Work.

We expect our business partners, including suppliers, to adopt and adhere to similar values.

With three partners actively working in the business, JLS is proactive in seeking out, monitoring and remedying any risks of adverse human rights impacts and complicity in the adverse impacts caused by others.  JLS is aligned with the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights and shares an overarching goal to subscribe to a framework of “Protect, Respect and Remedy”.  JLS is committed to providing access to effective remedy in the event that we contribute to an adverse or negative impact.   All business decisions are intrinsically embedded in human rights considerations, and this commitment applies to all aspects of our operation, our products, our service, and our professional relationships with both our suppliers and our customers.

JLS will continue to actively seek out paths for continuous promotion and advancement of human rights, within its range of influence.


JLS is perpetually aware of our human rights positioning and we conduct regular assessments of our performance so as to identify our prominent human rights issues and where we can focus to improve.

We have identified three priority areas of impact:


  • Respecting human rights is the right thing to do.
  • Our employees deserve to be treated with respect and integrity, and we as JLS Corporate Clothing, have an individual and a collective responsibility to implement this policy and to follow through on our commitments.

Our goal is to embed human rights in all aspects of our business.

Our commitments are promulgated and pronounced through our Code of Business Conduct, including the important aspects of human rights issues such as harassment and non-discrimination. All employees are required to complete the Principles of Integrity: Code of Business Conduct Overview training course to ensure their understanding of our commitments.


We have a responsibilityto respect the human rights of the people who work in the businesses of our strategic partners.  We seek toensurethattheyworkinsafe,healthy,andfairconditionsandthatthey are treated with dignity and respect. We implement our human rights commitment through our Code of VendorConduct and enforceit through our assessment, remediation, capability building, andworkerengagement programs at supplier facilities. Through these programs,we consult directly with workers to better understandand address their concerns and priorities.

We recognize our responsibilityto engage with our business partners to address and remedy adverse impacts andseek to build their capacity to respecthuman rights through training andengagement.


We believe that women’s empowerment is essential to advancing human rights protections globally and to achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. With women representing a large majority of our employees, the workers who make our clothes, and our customers, we have a responsibility and an opportunity to empower the women whose lives we touch, and we work to provide them with the opportunity to gain skills and confidence to advancebothatworkandinlife.


WhilehumanrightsaretheresponsibilityofallofusatJLS, executive oversight and responsibility for the implementation of this policy rests withthe

JLS Directors. TheDirectors meetatleastfourtimesperyeartoreviewand evaluate company programs, policies and practices relating to social and environmentalissuesandimpactstosupportthesustainablegrowthofthecompany’sbusinesses.


JLS aims to comply with all applicable laws while seeking solutions that are in the spirit of respect for human rights and of this policy.

We are committed to conducting ongoing human rights due diligence and to engage with our key stakeholders to continue to improve our approach. We will develop and implement training on this policy for key JLS employees and business partners, and report on our progress.

We urge employees to raise concerns about potential violations of our Code of Business Conduct, through our Open-Door communication policy and we address these concerns using a robust internal process, and we then update our policies and practices based on our findings. At the factory level, we support worker committees where grievances can be expressed, and we check that theyarepresentin the workforces of our strategic business partners.










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