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It’s always been our goal to change the perception of corporate clothing. At JLS, it’s never just a uniform. It’s a symbol of your business and an identifiable mark of your presence in the industry. It’s why we’re passionate about providing unique, locally sourced and locally manufactured garments of premium quality to suit our client and their needs.

The JLS promise is founded on several pillars that make us a team of skilled manufacturers and effective problem solvers. We believe that these are an important part of our DNA. They help us remain dedicated to what we stand for and what drives all of our individual roles, so that we can deliver in a way that always exceeds expectations:

Service Exellence

We believe that an ethos of “doing better” is the key to creating and maintaining customer satisfaction. We don’t see our customers as clients; we view them as partners, helping them solve problems within their own businesses. This means we’re as committed to our clients’ businesses as we are to our own. These partnerships mean sharing and growing together. As a result, we share their challenges and help create solutions, so that we may also celebrate their successes. It’s for this reason that JLS is the only owner-managed business of its kind, so that our clients get the best possible JLS experience every time.


JLS stands for uncompromising service that gives back through quality garments. Another way we like to give back is through training that allows us to up-skill our staff. That way, they’re empowered to reach goals of their own. We share our passion for real people through our relationships with those who do business with us. Our long-standing clients and suppliers are proof that we’re humble, adaptable and always a pleasure to work with. We’re big on giving respect to all those who encounter us, which is why it’s always the same, no matter the size of your budget.


The care we put into our customer service, is the same as what you’ll find in the manufacturing of every uniform that goes out of our doors. We also care about our nation’s economy, which is why we go to great lengths to source and produce everything locally.


At JLS, we know that every business deserves great service and garments no matter the size of their market share or operations. That’s why we’re prepared to honour every order, big or small, treating them with equal attention to detail as we go. Our well-stocked warehouse and manufacturing methods are flexible as well, ensuring that all needs are met ahead of time.


We’re well aware that every business is only as effective as its service providers allow it to be. It’s for this reason that we innovate and manage our solutions from concept, right through to distribution. That way, you always get the service and quality that you’ve come to expect from us. Our on-going investments in equipment, systems, and our staff, mean that we are always upgrading our offerings, allowing for a more efficient and effective JLS.


The right steps are the key to ensuring that we deliver on time and on expectations. At JLS we manage all-encompassing solutions from end-to-end, so you always know exactly what you’re going to get. From design, to manufacturing and right through to distribution, we’re always on time and on the ball. Our fully stocked warehouse makes production planning a breeze and our current systems allow for effective supply and demand planning. Our processes are 100% in line with local sourcing and manufacturing. So, dealing with us, means supporting local! You’ll also enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing that everything is being taken care of under one roof.

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